About Echos

Many facets of a musician’s life are revealed when they share their art with an audience.  Yet understanding what motivates performers, either on or off stage, easily gets lost in the chasm between what is personal, and what is offered only through song and sound bite.

Details of an artist’s life can be deliberately disclosed in interviews leading up to a tour or album release, but audiences get only glimpses of more personal passions through media interviews, live performances and lyrical metaphor.

In this series of twelve interviews, Echos offers a unique perspective into the lives of well known Canadian performers. By allowing songwriters the opportunity to discuss their interests in an original and candid manner, we show that a hobby, a favourite sport, even a family recipe can help new and old audiences alike, connect the dots between an artist’s personal motivation and their creative expression.

In the process, we learn how echos of these hidden passions can be heard in their music.


A Project by Light Echo Productions

With years of interviewing experience, as well as video and EPK production for an array of Canada’s elite musical talent, Light Echo Productions brings its connections and experience to capture and promote artists within distinct and inspiring environments. As a company founded and run by musicians, we have a simple credo: We care about artists. We care about being artists. We care about meeting artists, learning from artists, drawing inspiration from artists, and promoting artists.
Thanks to all our supporters who helped to make this project happen.

Photo by Murray Lightburn

Photo by Murray Lightburn